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Dr. David Beraczkai
attorney at law

I graduated from Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in 2014. Before starting my own firm, I had previously provided legal counsel in a multinational corporation and in a boutique law firm specialised in intellectual property.

My main areas of expertise are copyright law, software licensing, data protection, complex IP/IT sensitive investments, online services and commercial law.

I am a member of the Budapest Bar Association. Alongside my law practice I have extensive experience as an English language interpreter and translator, and I speak German at a conversational level.

Business-minded legal solutions in copyright, IT and IP investments, disputes and commercial transactions.
areas of practice

Software law

Comprehensive legal support of software development and software commerce projects and investments, drafting of software licencing agreements and GTCs.

Full-scale legal protection of software and websites, legal counsel regarding e-commerce and online services.

areas of practice

Copyright law

Legal counsel concerning complex copyright matters, drafting of copyright licencing agreements necessary for lawful use of artistic works.

Drafting of strategies on the legal protection of intellectual property portfolios, legal representation in copyright lawsuits, representation of plaintiffs before authorities and in criminal procedures.

areas of practice

Commercial and civil law

Preparation and execution of complex commercial contracts, investments and trade agreements, legal counsel regarding asset management and financing matters.

Legal counsel and representation regarding classic civil law cases and labour disputes.

areas of practice

Data privacy law

Preparation for compliance with the legal environment set out by GDPR in matters of both online and offline data processing,

Comprehensive legal counsel regarding matters of data asset management and the legal protection of trade secrets and know-how.

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